FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package
  • FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package
  • FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package
  • FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package
  • FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package
  • FiberFox Mini 6S+ Premium Package

The Mini 6S+ comes with all the same excellent specification as the Mini 6s Core Alignment Fusion Splicer but with extra enhancements so that users spends even less time on each termination.  This unit is still the same compact size for convenient transportation and storage & comes with a full range of accessories and spares.

Heating Time
15sec with 60mm sleeve
The Fast Splicing Time
7sec with SM fiber
Universial Holder
250㎛ / 900㎛ / 2~3Φ / Indoor
LED Injection System
(No Mirrors)
400 cycles (Splicing & Heating)
with Two Batteries
SOC Compatible

  • 01MINI 6S+ Splicer
  • 04 Power Cord
  • 07 Car Cigar Cable
  • 10 SOC Heater Block
  • 13 Shoulder Strap
  • 02 MINI 50G+ Cleaver
  • 05 USB Cable
  • 08 Cooling Tray
  • 11 SOC Holder
  • 14 User Manual CD
  • 03 Cleaver Softcase
  • 06 AC Adapter
  • 09 Spare Electrode
  • 12 2 Battery Packs
  • 15 Hand Carrying Case
Power supplyAC 100-240V input or DC 9-14V
Size122mm X 124mm X 138mm
Weight1.49Kg (without battery)
Splicing MethodCore Alignment AOCAT(Automatic Optical Core Analysis & Tracking System)
Splice Time10s average SM / SM 7s Quick mode
Return Loss>60 dB
BatteryTypical 200 Cycles (Splice & Heat) / single battery, 2 Batteries Standard
Average LossSM(0.02dB) / MM(0.01dB) / DS(0.04dB) / NZDS(0.04dB) / G.657(0.02dB)
Electrode Lifespansub 5,500 arcs
Applicable FiberSM(ITU-T G.652, MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZDS(ITU-T G.655), IT-G657A, IT-G657B, 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, FLAT(indoor cable)
Cleaved LengthCoating Diameter < 0.25mm = 8-16mm, Coating Diameter > 0.25mm = 16mm minimum
Coating Dlameter100-1,000um
Cladding Dlarmeter80-150um
Heating ProgramsFactory installed mode : 11, User installable mode : 23
Heating TimeTypical 15s
Protection Sleeve40mm, 60mm, SOC Connector Storage
Data OutputMicro HDMI-USB master device
Splice ProgramsFactory installed mode: 33, User installable mode: 70+
Splice MemoryUp to 5,000 records and 2,000 splice images
IlluminationLED emitting white lignt(1 piece)
Monitor Color 4.3inch LCD monitor, with Touch Screen (Tempered Glass)
Cameras2 CCD camera system
MagnificationXY style : 150 power, X/Y : 300 power
Fiber DisplayX/Y or XY, single X.Y
Wind ProtectionThe max wind speed 15m/s
Operating EnvironmentElevation 0-5,000 meters, -20~60˚C, 0~95% relative humidity
Storage ConditionTemperature -20 to 40˚C, 0~95% relative humidity, battery -20~30˚C
Pull Test1.96~2.25N (standard)
Attenuation SplicingRange : 0.1dB ~ 20dB (0.1dB step)

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