Fibre Optic Training Course
  • Fibre Optic Training Course
  • Fibre Optic Training Course
  • Fibre Optic Training Course
  • Fibre Optic Training Course

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This is a 1 day course, with both the Theory and the Practical elements being completed at our headquarters in Braintree, Essex.



Fibre optic links are becoming an increasingly common part of cabling infrastructures. Installers must be competent when specifying, terminating, testing and installing fibre optics.


Course Description

The Connectix Fibre Optic Course aims to offer a balanced mix of theory and practice relating to the use of fibre optic cabling within the enterprise/commercial sector. Application standards are also introduced regarding the importance of their consideration when specifying fibre cable and connector types for particular applications.

This course requires no prior knowledge or experience. Inexperienced delegates will leave with adequate knowledge and confidence for specification and successful installation of fibre optic links.

Delegates new to fibre optic cabling and those already experienced in practical installation will improve their formal knowledge of the theory behind the operation of fibre and the choices available in the selection of fibre and termination methods.

The course is run by a fully qualified Connectix Cabling Systems trainer who is well versed in installations and is constantly updated in line with the rapidly changing standards, technologies, and terminologies.

Questions during the course are actively encouraged.


Features and Benefits

  •          Delegates gain an understanding of how to plan, install and test fibre optic cables and connectors successfully.
  •          The relationship of fibre optic cabling to commonly specified cabling standards will be understood.
  •          A fibre optic technology overview with theory of operation relating to real world applications.
  •          Gives delegates confidence to terminate and test fibre optic cables and connectors successfully.
  •          Hands-on termination using a fusion splicer and mechanical terminations.
  •          Testing with Light Source and Power Meter.
  •          Certificate awarded for successful completion.
  •          Pre-requisite for Connectix Approved Installer Status.
  •          An ‘optional’ pre-requisite for our passive optical network course (PON).

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Fibre Optic Training Course

One Day In-Person Fibre Optic Installation Course


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