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We offer a wide range of fibre optic consumable to make your fibre installation as simple and easy as possible. We stock everything you need from Stripping tools & Cutters to Crimp tools & Cure Oven

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  • Fibre Lapping Film

    From £1.69 Ex VAT.

    Fibre Lapping Film, ideal for polishing Fibre Optic Connector Ferrules Price for individual Sheet Various size sheets for different stages of polishing Fibre connections

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  • Oven for Curing Fibre Terminations

    From £325.00 Ex VAT.

    Used for curing epoxy glue during the assembly of fibre optic terminations.Compatible with ST/SC/FC and SMA Connector

  • Sachets of Epoxy adhesive used for fibre...

    From £2.75 Ex VAT.

    A fast setting epoxy adhesive used where optical clarity and/or fast cure rates are needed

  • Individual Syringe and Needle for injecting...

    From £0.75 Ex VAT.

    This syringe comes in a complete package with syringe body 0.9mm needle. This syringe and needle is designed to inject epoxy into the connectors.

  • Crimp tool for 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm sizes

    From £50.00 Ex VAT.

    Ratchet crimp action provides repeatable and reliable terminations Crimp release provides operator safety Crimps sizes 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm

  • Three Hole Fibre Optic Buffer Strippers

    From £55.00 Ex VAT.

    Three hole strippers suitable for stripping 250um coated loose tube and 900um buffer tube. This simple tool has extremely accurate hardened jaws that remove the buffer without scratching the fibre. The tool has a spring action that ensures that the blades return to the open position when not in use

  • Kevlar cutters

    From £25.00 Ex VAT.

    Kevlar cutters, ideal tool when terminating fibre cables

  • Fibre Optic Sapphire Scribe Tool

    From £40.00 Ex VAT.

    90 degrees ScribeProvides wider cutting surfaceSapphire tip

  • Fibre Optic Splice Protection Sleeve.

    From £0.15 Ex VAT.

    - Sold Individually- 60mm Splice Protection- Clear Sleeve allows Visual location of splice- Provides Stregth & Protection to Fibre splices

  • Fibre Curly Clips - Sold Individually

    From £0.20 Ex VAT.

    Great cable management Self Adhesive Sold Individually

  • Polishing Puck for ST/SC/FC

    From £85.00 Ex VAT.

    Suitable for use with ST, SC & FC ConnectorsHand Polishing Disc

  • Great for onsite fibre installers

    From £4.50 Ex VAT.

    The perfect solution for disposing of cleaved fiber ends. Great for on site installers. Snap on Cover has holes for receiving fibre pieces or cover can be removed to expose plastic catch webbing.

  • Ideal container for holding solvent

    From £15.00 Ex VAT.

    Ideal container for holding solvent

  • Fast Evaporating pre-Moistened Swabs,...

    From £3.95 Ex VAT.

    Sold in Pack of 100 individually wrapped Fast Evaporating Single Use Pre-Moistened swabs Ideal for removing dirt, dust and oil Approximate size - Folded 30mm x 30mm, unfolded 30mm x 60mm Absorbant fibre-free swabs, contains 70% (IPA) Alcohol Small in size, these are not large handwipes

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items