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ST Fibre Optic Connectors and Adapters available in Multimode & Singlemode

ST Fibre Optic Connectors available in Multimode & Singlemode options

The ST Connector has been the mainstay of optical fibre connectors for many years. It can be found in almost every communications room worldwide, but used mainly in data communications systems. The ST optical fibre connector comprises of a nickel plated brass body and a ceramic ferrule/spring/crimp barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot. These connectors are suitable for 900μm and 2-3mm cables. The connector is precision made and manufactured to demanding specifications. Connectors are suitable for use with two part heat... More Info

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Bulkhead adapter available in Multimode and Singlemode options

The ST adaptor set the standard for optical fibre interconnects. With its simple to use bayonet locking mechanism, it preventing accidental disconnection. With the precision housing this adaptor gives the very best performance. Generally there are two types of alignment sleeve within an adaptor; phosphor bronze for multimode or zirconia (ceramic) for singlemode. More Info

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The Hot Melt ST Connector is a easily field mountable with a high yield...

Leave the epoxy at home. 3M™ Melt Connectors come pre-loaded with advanced hot melt adhesive, which features an extended shelf life compared to epoxy versions. So you can leave the epoxy at home. There is no need for a syringe, applicator or mixing. And since there is no waiting for epoxy to cure, termination is fast—just two minutes (average). The 3M Hot Melt connector’s reliability, high performance and ease of use in both indoor and outdoor LANs worldwide, plus the savings in time and materials, have made it an industry favorite. 3M™SC... More Info

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