Quad Micro OTDR (MM & SM)

Designed with installers in mind, 33-960 Series Micro OTDRs offer excellent performance and ease of use in a truly handheld, lightweight and
rugged package. Available as either an 850/1300 nm (multimode) or 850/1300/1310/1550 nm (multimode and single mode) OTDR, they are ideally suited for the installation and troubleshooting of LAN, campus and WAN fiber networks. Both models combine high measurement precision with the user friendliness of one-button operation resulting in accurate characterization of connectors and splices in addition to fast and reliable fault location.

With the MB option, these OTDRs provide clear PASS/FAIL indications. Distance, loss and ORL for each event is reported in a trace summary table making full certification of the link possible. Each OTDR is shipped in a kit containing everything you need to get started on the job, including a ruggedised carry case, PC software, rechargeable batteries and wall charger.


  • Short attenuation and event dead zones for accurate location and characterization of events. Suitable for even the shortest fiber links.
  • Two wavelength "autotest" function with automatic adjustment of test parameters
  • Manual mode allows users to define all test parameters.
  • Real-time mode for troubleshooting. Useful when trying to identify intermittent problems.
  • Clear characaterization of events
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Interchangeable fiber adapters with a wide variety of available configurations
  • PC Software included. Reports in Bellcore™ format
  • Color display
  • USB connection to thumbdrives or PCs.
  • Optional Certifying OTDR firmware
  • Optional macro bend detection on singlemode fibers
  • Video inspection probe ready
  • Provides all the same features as the 33-960-10, and also incorporates an additional test port for 1310 nm and 1550 nm

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Quad Micro OTDR (MM & SM)

All in one solution for multimode and singlemode test requirements.


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