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  • This visual fault locator gives a continuous or...

    From £70.00 Ex VAT.

    Refraction of the 650nm red light caused by any breaks and or cracks in the fiber will glow red, thus giving an exact visual location of the fault in the fiber. Features: 2.5mm Adapter built into unit(ST, SC, FC connector) 1.25mm adapter availabe to purchase seperatly (this adapter is shown in picture) Robust and handy design Dust-free cup to protect LD Continuous/Pulse mode options  Emitting LD 650 nm visible red light Low voltage battery warning signal in led

  • Universal 2.5mm ferrule to 1.25mm adaptor

    From £28.00 Ex VAT.

    Universal 2.5mm ferrule to 1.25mm adaptor Compatible to SC/ST/FC/LC connectors Visibility to 3 Km

  • The Power Meter measures power in both 850 nm...

    From £210.00 Ex VAT.

    Features: Bluetooth Connectivity LED digital display. Universal 2.5mm/1.25mm adaptor for SC / ST / FC to LC/MU. Mobile App for Android / iOS / Windows Platforms. Abiltiy to store & send results when using App Consolidated Reporting. Works in Conjunction with Senko Fibre Light Source AFT-G-MF-LS Uses 2 x AAA (1.5V) Batteries

  • For use with Singlemode/Multimode Power meter

    From £48.90 Ex VAT.

    Universal 2.5mm ferrule to 1.25mm adaptorCompatible to SC/ST/FC/LC/MU connectors

  • Light Source - pre loaded with SFP plugin...

    From £185.00 Ex VAT.

    Light Source is ideal for field or laboratory testing of optical communication systems at 850 nm / 1300 nm for datacom testing, 1310 nm / 1550 nm / CWDM 1270 nm ~ 1625 nm ( 20 nm spans ) for all WDM testing, as well as 1490 nm for FTTx testing by using interchangeable SFP transceiver modules. Light Source features zero warm up time, superb productivity and has an easy to use, pocketsized and rugged design. Features: No pre-warm up time Interchangable SFP module design for wavelenght flexibility High output power stability Excellent...

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  • FiberMASTER provides all the features...

    From £566.80 Ex VAT.

    Measure fiber optic power in milliwatts (mW) and decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to test and troubleshoot active LANs. Quickly measure cabling loss with the automatic calibration feature that stores reference power from any light source for quick dB loss calculations. Plus, the 1490nm wavelength measurement mode is perfect for troubleshooting emerging Fiber To The Home cabling systems The IDEAL FiberMASTER fiber optic testing kit allows the user to measure absolute power and calculate the loss of fiber optic links at several wavelengths. Absolute...

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  • SFP Plug in Modules for Senko Lightsource

    From £90.00 Ex VAT.

    SFP Plug in Modules All modules fit Senko Light source Main frame unit Singlemode & Multimde Modules Avaialble Singlemode FP type Modules Excellent Wavelength Stability Excellent output power stability

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  • Gigabit performance testing on passive cabling...

    From £1,295.00 Ex VAT.

    If you install or maintain data cabling,  SignalTEK® CT allows you to generate PDF test reports that prove installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates. For installers, this means having a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed correctly and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications. By proving real world performance, Signaltek CT confirms a professional job - reducing the risk of call backs. SignaTEK CT also gives network owners the assurance that installed cabling will support bandwidth...

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items