UFO/PON Engineer Training

Course Description

UFO/PON is a part theory, part practical training course held at our Braintree HQ specifically tailored to engineers who are tasked with deploying and installing the products. The majority of the time is spent ‘hands on’ working to install and test our unseen fibre optic range (UFO) and also associated
passive optical networking components such as enclosures and splitters. We also have a live OLT and ONT set up connected.

Correct installation procedures are a fundamental part of today’s structured cabling industry. We are committed to ensuring that our cabling systems
are installed quickly, professionally and in compliance with the rapidly changing standards proposed by the ISO/IEC, ANSI/TIA

Modern building designs often include consideration for cabling infrastructures to support voice and data distribution. It is increasingly
the case that tender documents, project specifications and detailed plans make reference to relevant standards and terminology that anyone working
in this field should be aware of. Passive Optical Networks are a way of cabling sites/premises/users without the need, in the majority of cases for
traditional Copper cabling or distributed active equipment.


Features and Benefits

  • Enables engineers to understand how PON systems work differ from other cabling systems
  • Explains the different ways PON systems can be designed and deployed
  • Using a ‘mock up’ of apartments, cabling is undertaken using our bespoke products
  • Terminating and testing techniques are discussed and undertaken
  • Engineers have the chance to ask questions relating to the deployment of PON and POL systems’’

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UFO/PON Installation Training

1 Day Fibre PON Training Course


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