CCS Cat6a FTP RJ45 Plug for Sold Core Cable

These two piece Cat6a FTP RJ45 plugs are suitable for use only with Cat6a Solid Core Cable

They are sold individually and compatible with our universal RJ45 crimp tool.


nick f - 19/01/2023

Great connectors. Note if you are a newbie these can be a bit fiddly much more so that pass through ones that they don’t sell here for cat 6a shielded cable. Great video you sent me thank you Cable Monkey it reassured me I was doing it about right!

Bruce M - 05/01/2021

Good product. There are a lot of CAT6 plugs that are not great.

Grant C - 09/12/2020

The rj45 connectors I bought were not suitable for cat6a cabling. Even though it said they were. I have shielded cable these are not adequate for it.

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CCS Cat6a FTP RJ45 Plug for Solid Core Cable

Cat6a FTP Crimp plugs for Solid Core Cable, available individually


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