uawei SFP-GE-SX-MM850-C
  • Compatible with Huawei SFP-GE-SX-MM850
  • Form Type: SFP
  • Data Rate: 1000BASE 1.25Gbps
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Distance: 550m
  • Connector: Dual LC
  • Fiber Type: MMF
  • Operating Temperature: 0~70 C
  • DOM Supported: Yes
Fiber typeMMF
Operating Temperature0~70 C
Form TypeSFP
Data Rate1000BASE 1.25Gbps
DOM SupportedYes
Compatible ManufacturerHuawei

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Huawei SFP-GE-SX-MM850-C

1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm MMF 550m LC. Fully compatible with Huawei SFP-GE-SX-MM850


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